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Do you want to share our dream of raising good people at NÛN?

At NÛN Schools, we embarked on a journey of imagination by envisioning courageous and spirited young individuals who possess the potential to become future leaders. These individuals are committed to their own values, possess intercultural understanding and respect, and aim to spread positivity and goodness throughout the world.

At our institution, we prioritize personalizing the educational curriculum for our students based on their interests and skills. We firmly believe that this approach will enable our students to gain knowledge that not only benefits them but also the society they live in to navigate the complexities of life with ease. We encourage them to maintain their curiosity, learn how to learn, and cooperate.

In line with our goals, we have carefully selected academic and administrative staff to share our dreams from day one of our educational activities. In our community, which we call the NÛN Family, we aim for all members to support each other with respect and love as we work toward our ultimate goal of raising good people.

We invite those who share our dream of raising good individuals to join our family at NÛN Schools Beykoz Campus. You can access the application form here

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