Student Admission Process 

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NUN Primary School Admission Process 

NUN Primary School does not take candidate students to an academic exam during the admission and evaluation process; apply workshops. As the number of applications reach the required number; students are invited to the interview. Workshops are conducted under the supervision of teachers and guidance unit specialists to measure the students’ cognitive skills, motor skills, attention level, susceptibility to group working, social and communication skills as well as their ability to take instructions.

Kindergarten students, who will apply to the NUN Primary School admissions process, must be at least 54 months old. It is preferred that the children are at least 69 months to be admitted to the primary school. In order for the children between 66 and 69 months to start their first year at the primary school, our guidance counselor should make a preliminary assessment and issue a report that there is no drawback for the admission of the student.

The applicant students at intermediate grade levels who are qualified for the 2nd stage are required to pay TRY 300.

We have limited quota for the grade level 2,3 and 4. There is no scholarship opportunity.

Admission Process of NUN Middle and High Schools

The first step in the student admissions process of NUN Middle School and High School is an academic exam. The schools determines the date of the admission exam in advance and announces this date through its official website and social media accounts. Students are to fill in the online application form to apply for the relevant exam.

The academic exam tests the analyzing, synthesizing and expression skills of students as well as their ability to read, interpret and deduce from the information given in graphics, tables and maps in addition to their general knowledge of the current curriculum. Although the exam language is Turkish, in exceptional cases such as the candidate's mother tongue is not Turkish, the exam is applied in English. An informative school promotion program is organized for parents during the time the candidate student is in the exam. Within the scope of this program, management of NUN Schools shares information on the philosophy and functioning of the schools and answers the questions of the candidate parents about the school.

If the student succeeds in the academic exam, NUN Schools Guidance Unit Specialists; invite the candidate student and his/her parents to an interview. NUN Schools believe that education is a whole and continuous process, which should be maintained at anytime and anywhere. For this reason, NUN Schools attach a great importance to the positive impact of the cooperation between the parents and the school on the child. According to the education philosophy of NUN Schools; parents as well as students should have responsibility and show self-sacrifice. Therefore, while the student is accompanied by guidance specialists and psychologists in an introductory process, parents are requested to fill out a form about themselves.  As this process is completed positively, the candidate student is entitled to enroll in the school.

If the family has requested a scholarship, an appointment is made with the administrators of the foundation to interview them once more, if their request is approved. After this meeting, the evaluation process comes to an end. Students who apply for the grade level 8 or 10 are supposed to be coming from a school that apply the International Baccalaureate (IB) system. There is a limited quota for student admissions except for the grade level 5 and the preparatory level. There is no scholarship opportunity.

The applicant students at intermediate grade levels who are qualified for the 2nd stage are required to pay TRY 300.

Students should have the following when they arrive at the exam hall:
ID card - identity card, passport, one passport photo.
Pencil and eraser is given to students by the school.

NOTE: Parents who have not paid the entrance fee online, shall pay the exam entrance fee of TRY 200 in cash before their child enters the exam.

  • The exam is held in two sessions, each of which lasts 45 minutes.
  • The exam consists of open ended and multiple choice questions of four choices.
  • The correct answer is marked on the optical form and the exam booklet. If more than one answer is marked for a question, that question will be considered wrongly answered.

Announcement of Results

Academic exam results are evaluated within a week and reported to parents by phone and mail.
Other processes are completed within 3 weeks as a result of evaluations made by school and foundation administrators.