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NÛN Values / Compassion


NÛN Students should embrace compassion as one of the fundamental requirements of being a "human" and perhaps the most important one. They are aware that "one who shows mercy will be shown mercy," and compassion is one of the elements of the balance of the universe. We live in an era in which humanity needs compassion more than ever to make our lives even more meaningful. Compassion is a natural emotion. It is to value working for the well-being and goodness of all humanity and the creatures in nature for NÛN Students. NÛN Schools encourage and expect students to embody compassion, live in their personality, and develop maximum sensitivity for every living being, which is one of the most beautiful languages of communication.

In NÛN Schools, responsibility is not considered as a form of behavior but as one of the basic stones of the NÛN Students' character. NÛN Students to look at the world with the eyes of "development and improvement," to act with the awareness that he has a responsibility towards nature and the creatures within it and to be aware that they are responsible for their nation, state, and homeland. In addition, responsibility entails maximizing the potential of NÛN Students and fulfilling promises and social obligations.