NUN Intership Program

NUN Schools Internship Program

NUN Schools works to raise moral and conscious youth with a sense of responsibility, intellectual and aesthetic perspective, who will contribute to the future of our country and the world, with its primary, middle and high school institutions.

In the NUN Schools Internship Program, it is aimed to prepare university students for professional business life by qualified NUN academic and administrative staff and to include them in the NUN Family.


  • It is a long-term and part-time study program for 3rd and 4th year students in university who aim to gain professional experience.
  • By giving information and responsibility to intern candidates, it is aimed to make professional observations and to employ people who succeed in the program in the ongoing process at NUN Schools.

Intern Placements:

  • Enterprises employing 20 or more personnel may provide skills training to students of vocational and technical education schools and institutions, provided that no more than ten percent of the number of personnel they employ. Hence, intern recruitment is based on the total number of personnel at NUN Schools.
  • Students studying in vocational high schools with compulsory internship, vocational schools and universities abroad of which equivalence is accepted by the Higher Education Institution can do internship at NUN Schools.

NUN Schools Internship Program Application Requirements:

In addition to having the opportunity to be evaluated as interns in the academic staff, intern candidates are also evaluated to be interns in 6 different units of NUN Schools: Human Resources and Strategic Planning, Corporate Communications and Student Admissions Management, Information Technologies, Campus Services, Financial Affairs and R&D. The intern candidates who will apply are expected to have the following qualifications:

  • Being a 3rd or 4th year student in the Faculty of Education, Faculty of Social Sciences and relevant departments of universities,
  • Ability to use Microsoft Office programs (Word, PowerPoint and Excel),
  • Committed to meeting the expectations specified in the internship contract and interviews,
  • High written and verbal communication skills,
  • Competent in a foreign language,

 (The English requirement and the required level of proficiency may vary depending on the unit.)

  • Adequate knowledge and high development potential in the relevant field,
  • Willing to experience their profession and take charge,
  • Open to learning,
  • Interested in technology,
  • Following innovations,
  • Prone to teamwork,
  • Ability to take responsibility,
  • Being persistent and patient.

 NUN Schools Internship Program Candidate Evaluation Process

 Applications are received by the academic team and Human Resources and Strategic Planning team, based on the institution's need for intern recruitment, by determining the branches where interns will be recruited two months before the start of the academic year, by publishing advertisements for application on KariyerNet,, Linkedin and on the our website. 

Election and Placement Processes

NUN Schools personnel recruitment processes are applied to all intern candidates.


1-Resume Preliminary Stage

University grade point average, voluntarily participated projects, extra-curricular activities are the evaluation criteria.

2- Introductory Video Stage

A two-minute video is requested where candidates introduce themselves.

3- Group Interview Stage

Candidates are asked to create a course plan as a group. The academic team evaluates the fields of knowledge, communication, leadership and presentation by making observations.

4- Test Evaluation Stage

  • General Aptitude Test,
  • Personal Inventory,
  • HR Interview,
  • Academician Reference Check.

 Admission to Internship and Orientation Process

The internship process begins with the orientation program with the candidates whose evaluations resulted positively. Interns' expectations for the program are received.

 Application Areas of Interns During the Program

  • Making in-class observations,
  • Preparing course plans,
  • Preparing course materials,
  • Supporting studies,
  • Reporting meetings,
  • Learning about the legislation,
  • Keeping an internship file.

 Employment Conditions for the Interns 

  • At the end of the internship period, a two-tiered evaluation system is followed, in which both the counselors and the interns evaluate the NUN Schools Internship Program.
  • Communication with teacher candidates is continued after the internship program. It is possible to do internships again until graduation.
  • Candidates who have successfully completed the internship process and identified with the NUN culture are given priority in teacher employment after their graduation.

 Program Benefits for Interns

  • Early start to professional life and the opportunity to gain experience,
  • On-the-job training with a professional mentor and guidance,
  • Opportunity to be employed at NUN Schools by prioritizing in post-graduation recruitment processes,
  • A work plan that does not disrupt school life,
  • Opportunity to benefit from wages, SSI and other fringe benefits.

NUN Schools Internship Program Application  here