Privileges at NUN


All NUN Family members have the opportunity to continue their personal and professional development in a working environment in nature. The place of work also turns into an academy.

Within the scope of the Lifelong Learning Program, professional development trainings, employee clubs, cultural trips, sharing platforms and business-culture meetings are held.

English Language Training: Employees are provided with language trainings through contracted institutions.

Pool-Sports Center: Employees can benefit from the pool and sports centers after working hours.

 Semester Break: Our administrative employees are given 3 days of paid leave during the semester break.

 Health Service: Health discounts are provided by contracted institutions to the employee and his/her first degree dependent spouse and children. In addition, we have nurses who take care of all our staff on campus.

Nursery: Nursery is offered to the children of our employees aged 12-48 months on campus, depending on the quota.

Food Service: Lunch service is provided at the dining hall on the campus.

Library: All campuses have libraries available for public use.

Shuttle Services: There is a shuttle service on campuses depending on the residence information of all students and staff.

Master's and Doctorate Leave: Employees who continue their master's and doctorate education are given half-day academic leave per week.