When were NUN Schools opened?

NUN Primary School that was put into service as NUN Education and Culture Foundation was opened in 2014; NUN Schools Boys’ and Girls’ Campuses that provide education as middle school and high school entered education in 2016.

Where are NUN Schools?

NUN Schools kindergarten, primary school, middle school, high school and dormitories are located in Elmalı Mahallesi, Elmalı Yolu Sokak No:5/1 Beykoz - Istanbul.

What is the mission statement of NUN Schools?

NUN Schools started off with the objective of raising global citizens of the world in the world of 21st century, who are aware of their ethical and conscientious responsibilities, their national and local values and have a strong personality. They build their educational planning on the foundations of knowledge, belief and aesthetics and individualize education by taking into consideration the abilities and interests of each student.

What is the International Baccalaureate Programme (IB)?

The International Baccalaureate Programme (IB) is accepted as a worldwide Standard of quality with reliability and validity. It aims at raising young people of 3 – 19 years of age as multi-faceted citizens of the world, who are up to date and have developed their life skills. NUN Schools have chosen this programme as a tool to reach their aim of raising knowledgeable, informed and caring young people more effectively.

What is the stance of the Ministry of Education within the IB Programme?

The International Baccalaureate Programme (IB) is a framework of methodology and techniques. It does not aim at academic knowledge solely as an outcome. The IB Programme student has learner profiles such as inquirer and risk-taker that s/he needs to exhibit and also has life skills that are expected to be developed. At NUN Schools the Ministry of Education curricula have been placed in this framework. For example, “doing the four basic operation” is one of the learning outcomes specified for the primary school student by this curriculum. However, this is not sufficient within the IB Programme framework; what is expected of the student in addition to this outcome is that s/he gains awareness of being fair in daily life during division/sharing, that s/he gains the communication skills to tell about the four operations to his/her friends easily and puts this knowledge into action in daily life.  

What do NUN Schools take into consideration for selection of academic staff?

Besides being a master in the field, it is essential that NUN teachers follow up the developments in their areas and are keen on learning further. It is expected that they can communicate in a foreign language and improve academically in their own field.

Those with a minimum of five years of experience have a priority and also those who have wise personalities to be role models for students, who act as a part of the whole and who believe in the beauty of cooperation are preferred. People whose curiosity is definitive in their life story, who have a strong wish for deeper learning and wish to share this knowledge with students are sought.  

Do the high school students have to study in the preparatory class even if they are proficient in English?

The high school preparatory classes have not been set up as traditional English education classes, but as “Preparation for NUN Schools”.  Instead of a weekly schedule with intensive foreign language education, a lesson planning with a content to contribute to students’ intellectual experiences significantly, where culture, arts and sports also play a great role as much as the sciences. Therefore, preparatory classes are mandatory in our classes.  

Are there any specific classes for students with different levels of foreign language proficiency?

NUN Schools frequently considers the method “differentiation” for foreign language learning. There are various Dynamics in learning a foreign language; Some students may speak the foreign language easily but they may have problems at writing academic texts. If a student cannot Express him/herself easily in a foreign language, this does not mean that s/he is not competent in that language. A basic point NUN Schools consider in the system they are implementing is that education is planned and shaped according to the student. At this point differentiation is implemented and firstly the student’s stance is specified. Competent people meet the students outside classes and try to complete what is missing and to improve their competence. Students with problems at speaking receive support for conversation and those who need help with writing are supported in essay writing. The support work is revised according to the needs of the student.

Is boarding school mandatory for middle school and high school students?

There are dormitories for high school students at NUN School for girls and boys in Beykoz. Dormitories, where every student residing in Istanbul or coming from outside the province can stay, is not compulsory and presented as an option to parents. According to the legislation, dormitory facilities cannot be offered to middle school students.

What are the sports and arts facilities of your school?

NUN Schools aim to raise their students as global citizens aware of local and national values and they also believe in the significance of culture, arts and sports. The cultural activities in addition to the visual arts and music education at NUN Schools target at providing students with awareness of arts, having them master history and philosophy of art and gain an aesthetic and intellectual perspective. Please click on the tabs Visual Arts at NUN, Music at NUN, Sports at NUN.



Is there an admission process for each class of your school?

Children having completed 54 months are admitted to pre-school classes. For admissions to 1st grade, it is preferred that the candidates have completed 66 months. For admissions of students between 62-66 months, the report of our school guidance counselors regarding no reservations is taken into consideration. Only transfer students are accepted into 2nd grades. For middle classes (2, 3 and 4), applications are accepted after the evaluation of availablequotas.
In middle and high school, applications are accepted after the evaluation of available quotas.

Is it compulsory to take the entrance examination for admission to the school?

NUN Schools Girls’ and Boys’ Campuses have entrance examinations on specific dates. All candidates who want to enroll at the school must take these examinations. Besides the curriculum content, this special examination of NUN Schools measures analysis – synthesis, reading comprehension skills, written expression skills and skills of reading, interpreting and inferencing information on graphics, tables and maps are measured. Therefore, there are only a few multiple choice questions.        

At NUN Primary School there are workshops for the candidates instead of academic examinations and it is compulsory for admissions to attend these and to be successful at the expected level.  

What are the determining factors for the admission of primary students?

The workshops at NUN Primary School under the supervision of homeroom teachers and guidance counselors measure students’ cognitive level, motor skills, attention, approach to group work, social and communication skills and skills for taking instructions.

Are there scholarship opportunities at your school and who can benefit from those?

NUN Education and Culture Foundation attaches importance to the facts that students from different socioeconomic groups come together in terms of their personality development and preparation for life. Therefore, the scholarship policy that is implemented is based on providing equal rights for students. At NUN Schools scholarship evaluations are carried out regarding needs of the families.

Are there any scholarships for sports or talents?

The NUN Education and Culture Foundation scholarship policy is based on equal rights for students with different socioeconomic backgrounds and thus; only the needs of the family are regarded at scholarship interviews. We would like to remind you that scholarship interviews are only on the agenda of the foundation if the student is successful at the entrance examination / workshops.

Can the scholarship be interrupted any time?

The scholarship continues unless there are significant changes at the income of the family and as long as the student is not subject to any disciplinary sanctions and keeps his/her academic success stable.



Are there service buses for students?

There are service buses for students. NUN Schools are sensitive on the issue that the service routes are kept short and revised with each new student. The conditions of Istanbul are taken into consideration and special effort is spent for the student not to start the day in a tired way. At NUN Schools Girls’ and Boys’ Campuses there are also boarding facilities.

Is there a canteen at the school?

There is no canteen at NUN Schools. Students are served breakfast, lunch and afternoon snacks. The menus are prepared under the supervision of expert dieticians in line with the daily needs of children and in a balance of carbohydrate and proteins. For example, when they will stay for after-school clubs, the snack is heavy on proteins so that students do not get hungry until they go home.

Is the food cooked in the school’s own kitchen?

NUN Schools believe that students’ cognitive development is not separate from their physical developments and they are sensitive on healthy nutrition. Besides the main course, all products, from yoghurt to cream, are cooked in the school’s kitchen from fresh and natural resources.

Is there any health service for students?

There are medical personnel at NUN Primary School and NUN Schools Girls’ and Boys’ Campuses. The nurses share any change in the health of the students directly with the parents and they also work full time for intervention at any emergencies such as first aid or accidents.