NUN Approach

NUN’s primary aim is to build a NUN character. Our mission is to provide a broad and enriching education that develops the unique talents and characters of every student. We are building individuals of character, commitment and compassion who are able to think clearly and creatively, choose wisely and have the courage to make a difference. NUN students strive to know the self, grow up as self aware, will-power trained human beings.


Controlling the thought process is about the active use of perceptive capabilities and learning about the outside world. Perception is about reaching information and documentation, analyzing data, utilizing and making it usable in the quickest and most efficient way.


“Emotion regulation” is about a person’s awareness of  self emotional intelligence. It is about a person’s ability to effectively manage and respond to an emotional experience in an appropriate manner.


Being in control of self; having willpower is about the conscious, arduous regulation of the self, by the self. The ability to take responsibility of choices and results.


Actions, unlike emotions should be under self control. Feelings are not always chosen but being a human requires control over behaviors. Actions have real consequences for ourselves and others.  

NUN Schools give great importance to moving forward in collaboration with teachers observant of the cognitive and emotional development of students, psychological counseling specialists and parents. NUN believes it is the best route to follow in this long term process of character development.