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Let's Keep Kids Warm in the Winter Project


"Let's Keep Kids Warm in the Winter" is a social responsibility project initiated by our students, inspired by the saying, "What you share is yours, not what you hoard." This project continues to warm the hearts and winters of hundreds of children every year. The project has been running for 8 years, providing winter needs for thousands of students to make them spend the winter happier.

The aid collected within the scope of last year's project warmed the winter of the children in the earthquake zone. Once again, this year, we delivered the aid collected through the support of the parents and NÛN Family to those in need in the earthquake-stricken region. Moreover, the parents visited the pop-up shop that sold Palestinian-themed products, with all the profits donated to Palestine to support the struggle for independence.

This charity project enhances students' understanding of social responsibility and allows them to make significant contributions to their community and the world.

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