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From Paper to Book: The Adventure of Writing

Middle School grade 5 and 6 students participated in the seminar titled “From Paper to Book: The Adventure of Writing” to celebrate the 60th National Library Week. With this special event, our students had the opportunity to discover the adventure of the article and the book.

During the seminar, our students gained important information about the history and development of writing. They had the opportunity to get to know more closely how writing has evolved and how books have been shaped from the invention of paper to the present day. Our students, who also had the opportunity to discuss the turning points in the adventure of writing and the effects of technology on writing, thought deeply about how societies have changed and developed with the evolution of writing.

This seminar also contributed to improving our students' reading habits and increasing their curiosity about knowledge. This event, which is an important part of Library Week, was an important step towards strengthening the ability of our students to access and share information.

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