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Being an Administrative Member of NÛN Schools

NÛN Schools aim to carry out its future plans with employees who are visionary, have developed human relations and high communication skills, who are compatible with the corporate culture and goals, and are role models for its students.

The administrative staff consists of six different units that are Human Resources and Strategic Planning, Corporate Communications and Student Admissions Management, Information Technologies,  Campus Services, Financial Affairs and R&D.

NÛN Schools show due care for both its academic and administrative staff. Our institution devotedly works for each individual under its roof.

The following are expected from our colleagues who join the NÛN Family:

  • Having a vision of professionalism and institutionalism,
  • Exhibiting a constructive and empathetic approach in business relations,
  • Show respect to individual differences,
  • Being development-oriented and innovative, always following the state-of-the art in their field,
  • Being open to learning and sharing information, developing a culture of learning from each other,
  • Having time management, problem solving and planning skills,
  • Having effective communication skills,
  • Supporting team spirit.

 You can apply to become an administrative employee at NÛN here.