NUN Schools of Boys and Girls

Academic exam is the first step of the Boys and Girls Campuses in NUN Schools, which serves as a Middle and High School. The schools decide the date of the acceptance exam before and announces it via official web site and social media accounts. It is obligatory to fill out the application form on the internet for making an application to the exam. 

In the academic exams, which are made in particular dates, students are evaluated in terms of the capability of analysis and synthesis, reading comprehension, expressing thoughts with their own words, reading of the information given in graphics, table, maps, commenting and deducing. For this reason, the number of multiple choice questions is very low. The exam language is Turkish but an exam in English is made in the exceptional cases that candidate student's mother tongue is not Turkish. During the candidate students' exam time, an informative school promotion program is organized for the parents. Within the scope of this program, NUN Schools share information about philosophy and mechanism of the schools and answer the questions of the parents about the school. 

If the students showed the expected success in the academic exam, Counseling Department of NUN Schools invites the candidate student and their parent to be acquainted with them more closely. NUN Schools believe that education is a whole and continuous, and it should be continued always in anywhere. For this reason, it puts a significant importance on the positive effect of the collaboration between the parents and the school on the child. According to the educational philosophy of NUN Schools, parents must have responsibility and show self-devotion as much as the students. For this reason, the parents as well as the students are included in the recognition process done in company with the counseling specialists and psychologists. The candidate students gain the right to be registered in the school when this process ends with a positive result.

If the family requested a scholarship, one more appointment is given to them to hold a meeting with the managers of the foundation and the evaluation process ends after this interview. 

The applicant students at intermediate grade levels who are qualified for the 2nd stage are required to pay TRY 300.

NUN Primary School

In the acceptance and evaluation process, NUN Primary School does not implement an academic exam on the candidate students but implements workshops. For participating in them, the application form in the website should be filled in. If the number of applications reaches the required number, the candidate students and their parents are invited to have a meeting. With the workshops done under the supervision of class teachers and specialists of counseling department, the students are evaluated in terms of cognitive level, motor skills, attention, tendency to the group work, social and communication skills, capability of receiving instructions.

The Specialists of the Counseling Department hold meetings to get to know the students together with their parents. If the parents also have the tendency to the collaboration to be established between the school and parents, awareness and consciousness about the education and training, this concurrent evaluation process ends with a positive result. If the candidate parents request a scholarship, they have one more meeting by coming together with the managers of the foundation.

The applicant students at intermediate grade levels who are qualified for the 2nd stage are required to pay TRY 300.

Important Note:

In order to know NUN Schools better and reach to the answers of the questions in your mind.

You can call the number (0216) 686 1 686, and take an appointment to meet with the Parent Communications Specialists.

If the number of the candidate parents who want to visit the school reaches the required number, NUN Primary School contacts the parents and determine a meeting hour. In this meeting hour, the candidate parents can visit the NUN Primary School in company with the Parent Communications Specialists and reach detailed information about the school.