Scholarship Opportunities

  • NUN Education and Culture Foundation, cares about the integration of students from different socio-economical groups in terms of their personal development and preparation for life. Fort his reason, the scholarship policy is based on providing equal rights.
  • Scholarship negotiations are parts of student acceptance process. For this reason, if the students is for secondary or prepatory class academic exam  is applied whereas, if the student is from elementary school he/she must have completed workshops/clubs successfully.
  • The rates of scholarships provided by NUN Education and Culture Foundation to its students vary. The determining factor of these rates are family income, student performance and scholarship quotas.
  • The academic exam  is not for scholarship; but students success in that exam is important for the scholarship process.
  • %100 scholarship covers only the educational and accomodation expenses. The family provides for books, stationary, uniforms, transportation or meals.
  • In addition to all these, Foundation makes %10 discount for siblings, %60 discount for the staff’s children.

At the end of the announced period for each academic year, the scholarship support provided by the foundation is re-evaluated.