Assessment and Evaluation

NUN Schools assessment and evaluation system helps evaluate  students’ learning process in different phases to further enable their capabilities. Through reflective thinking we set new guidelines to plan new goals both for students and teachers. The registry records obtained at the end of these assessments are reported to students, teachers and parents. The evaluation of the program by the joint committee of teachers and school administration contributes to the betterment of our program when needed. Assessment and evaluations enable our students to think reflectively, share, display their skills and discover their own learning process. Every student is unique and applying different methods may increase learning capacities. We determine the best way a student learns through these assessment and evaluations. Our assessment and evaluations help our teachers gather data on teaching and learning process of students. Within this framework teachers have an opportunity to plan, set criteria, think reflectively and prepare reports. Assessment and evaluations provide data for parents regarding the learning and development of their children and how they should support this progress.

The purpose of the assessment and evaluation department;

Feedback to students, teachers, parents and school administration

Keeping records and reporting on student performance

Determining what the students have learnt, understood, are capable of and how they feel throughout the learning process

Personalizing and adapting overall teaching

Giving students the opportunity to evaluate their own learning process

Strengthening the learning process and applications

Constantly bettering the program