Volunteers of NUN

NUN Schools believe a good education means students growing aware of their social communities. We want students to embrace “volunteerism,” a deeply rooted concept of our culture, as an integral part of their character. NUN’s education is about raising individuals who worry about the environment and community, carrying the dream of making greater contribution to the world. This aim is engraved within the structure of all work at NUN.

The most important activities students engage in the frame of volunteering is environmental awareness, helping people in need and societal projects.  Students learn about  “conscious consumerism,”  respect and gratitude for elderly from their primary years and take part in projects like “produce do not consume” and pay regular visitations to nursing homes, valuing elderly and needy and these attitudes will form lasting habits.

Middle and High School students, besides taking part in social responsibility projects, become volunteers in school events, learning about responsibility and service, experience being a team member and developing themselves in different fields.

IB system’s guidance on co-curricular activities support our educational philosophy on all out of the class activities. We support the participation of students on Creativity, Action and Service (CAS) activities.