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Recruitment Process

As NÛN Schools, we embarked on a journey by imagining brave and leader-spirited young people who are committed to their own values, have intercultural understanding and respect, and will distribute goodness and beauty to the whole world.

While raising the our students who will benefit themselves and the society with their knowledge and make life easier, our education plan is personalized according to the interests and abilities of each student. We care about how to learn, keeping the sense of curiosity alive, and improving in cooperation with each other.

We established the NÛN Foundation for Education and Culture in 2014 to increase the number of youth who is aware of their moral and conscientious responsibilities and has an intellectual and aesthetic perspective and to contribute to the future of our country and world. Afterwards, NÛN Primary School (2014), NÛN Middle School and High School (2016) were put into service by our foundation.

Since the day we started our education and training activities, we have cared that our academic and administrative staff share the same dreams with us. As NÛN Family, we have made it our goal to help each other with respect and love and to walk together to our ideal of raising good people, which is our main goal.

To become a member of the NÛN Family, you can apply  here .