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Guidance and Psychological Counseling

NÛN School is based on the "preventive and developmental guidance model", which determines appropriate policies by analyzing students and cares about the physical, cognitive, behavioral, emotional, spiritual, and social development of each student. Individual interviews and group activities are held for each student in accordance with their age group and developmental characteristics. Our aim here is to enable students to become “self-aware, accepting, problem-solving, establishing social relations, adapting, discovering their interests and abilities, expressing their feelings and thoughts correctly and appropriately, being mentally resilient and caring individuals who provide personal integrity”.

In individual interviews and studies, we discover crucial points about character traits and determine the approach toward each of our students.

Group work consists of activities supporting the PYP, MYP, and DP units with emotion regulation, thinking skills, and behavior management themes. It is carried out with the whole class. This group work aimed to identify the areas where our students have problems through various techniques. After that, intensified studies on these areas are carried out.

NÛN Psychological Counseling and Guidance Ecole aims to be individual, to be unique to the individual and to carry every individual who is included in the system with their problems and success, to support their development and to benefit them.

It is aimed to meet with all parents individually in each term at least once. The parents are informed about the development of the students in the meetings. After the meeting, it is closely followed if the recommendations and guidance given to the parents are implemented.

While our parents, our most important stakeholders, are frequently informed about the progress of our children, this process is supported by activities for parents, seminars and individual consultations. With our unique perspective, the guidance service is the backbone and an important complement of school work.

Guidance services in our school are grouped under four headings:

For Students

  • Orientation and Adaptation
  • Student Recognition Studies
  • Problem-Related Counseling / Crisis Intervention / Preventive Guidance
  • Investment Guidance/ Guidance Supporting Development, Appropriate for Interests and Abilities
  • Professional Orientation Studies / Career Planning
  • Group Guidance Class
  • SOBECE Social Skills Workshops

    For Parents
  • Family Acquaintance Meetings
  • Personal Counselling
  • Social Activities
  • Workshops/Seminars

    For Teachers
  • Courses for Self Improvement and Professional Development
  • Personal Counselling
  • Motivational Workshops