NUN Guests

Visiting Academics

Our students come together with academy members to get a taste of university in middle and high school years. Our curriculum is enriched with the participation of visiting faculty and students have the opportunity to a take a deeper look into subjects they are studying. They learn the subjects from experts of the field and get a feeling of academia through these classes.

NUN Meetings

NUN schedules monthly meetings with opinion leaders, politicians, academics, and successful people from all walks of life. These meetings are great importance to NUN students as they are given the chance to listen to first hand experiences of these professionals. NUN gives students the utmost opportunity of self discovery as students start choosing their paths at this time of their life. The guests are inspirational and motivational, they share their success and failure stories, advise students and happily answer the questions of students at the end of their talks. NUN hopes students take their own share of lessons from these talks and hold a light unto their road in life.

NUN Evening Gatherings

NUN aims for its students to be sensitive to the realities of the world they live in and interested in multi disciplines. For these purposes students come together with valuable guests in dormitories in evenings and have the chance to talk with them in a warm atmosphere.

Family Academy

The families who raise our students entrusted to us are as important as they are. With this perspective, the Family Academy is a significant part of the NUN Family, where we organize activities that will help our families develop their social, psychological and intellectual interests. In this context, we periodically prepare programs for our parents that will strengthen their relations with their children, guide their educational life, facilitate their adaptation to the dynamics of the digitalized world, and contribute to their personal development.