August 10 Kindergarten and Primary School Admissions Process
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August 10 Middle School and High School Admissions Exam
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NÛN Middle School

The first step in the NÛN Middle School student admission process is an academic exam. The school predetermines the exam dates. These dates are announced via the school's official website and social media accounts. In order to apply for the exam, it is necessary to fill in the online application form. 

In the academic exam held on certain dates, the following skills of the candidate students are measured in addition to their command of the current curriculum: analysis-synthesis, reading comprehension and expressing their thoughts in their own words; reading, interpreting and inferring information given by graphics, tables and/or maps. The language of the exam is Turkish, but in case the candidate student's mother tongue is not Turkish, an English exam is administered. An informative school promotion program is organized for parents while the prospective student is in the exam. In the program, NÛN School Administrators share information on the school's philosophy and answer prospective parents' questions.

NÛN Schools' guidance unit arranges meetings with prospective parents and students who pass the exam successfully. This simultaneous evaluation process results positively if the parents have the tendency to cooperate, coordinate, and are aware of the importance of education and training. If the parents have requested a scholarship, they will come together with the foundation managers and conduct another interview. Scholarship opportunity for newly registered students is valid at the 5th grade of middle school.

NÛN Schools believes in the education continuum and that it is a whole approach given anywhere and anytime. Thus, our school attaches high importance to the positive effect of the cooperation between the parent and the school on students. According to the philosophy of NÛN Schools, the parent must be responsible and devoted as much as the students. Therefore, the parents, among students, are also included in the acquaintance process, which guidance teachers and psychologists hold. With the positive result of this process, the prospective student is entitled to enroll in our school.