Psychological Guidance and Counseling

In Nun Schools, we have developmental guidance and counselling approach in which cognitive, emotional, moral and social development of students is important, appropriate policies are written and students are closely monitored.  In the light of this approach, we hold age-appropriate and developmentally appropriate individual meetings and carry out group activities. Our goal here is to ensure that students “know themselves, solve problems, establish social relationships, accommodate themselves, discover their talents and interests, express their opinions and emotions correctly and appropriately, have a personality, exhibit strength mentally and become caring”.

In individual meetings and studies, we discover significant points about personality traits of students and thus we determine our approach towards the students.

Group activities are organized once in two weeks and they consist of emotion regulation, thinking skills, behaviour management themes and MYP units support activities. All students in the class participate in group activities. Using different techniques in group activities, we aim to identify the areas that our students might have difficulty and to focus on working intensively on these areas.

NUN Guidance and Psychological Counselling unit aims to be individual, meet the individual needs, carry everyone who is in the system either with a problem or success one step further, be helpful, and support the improvement.

We also aim to see each parent at least once in each term. In these meetings, we inform you about what we realized and discovered about the development of your child. Later, we will be also monitoring you closely while you put guidance and advices into practice.

While we frequently inform parents, who are strongest supporters, about the developments of their children, we also organize activities for them such as seminars and individual guidance sessions. Counselling department with its genuine perspective is a significant and an indispensable part of counselling activities in our school. 

Counselling activities in our school are divided into four groups:

• Orientation/ Adaptation activities
• Student recognition activities
• Problem-oriented guidance activities/ Prevention of crises
• Guidance for future/ Development Fostering/ Appropriate guidance in pursuant of interests and abilities
• Sand therapy sessions
• Group counselling courses

• Parents Recognition activities
• Individual Guidance Support
• Social Activities

Teacher- oriented
• Professional and Personal Development Trainings / NUN Teacher Academy
• Individual Guidance Services
• Motivational Activities

• Trainings which will help create institution culture
• Individual Guidance Services