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Children's Songs from Mevlana Poems Concert




Founded in 2018 within the body of NÛN Schools, the NÛN Music Group adopts the goal of giving life to these works by performing rare works of ancient Turkish culture since the moment it was founded.

The promotion of the album titled "From Today to Tradition," which is part of the Turkish Music Children's Songs project that started in 2018.

Within the scope of the project, the songs composed from Mevlana's poems were performed by the children.

Thanks to this special event, parents, students, and the school community came together to witness the unifying power of art and culture one more time. Parents had the opportunity to experience unforgettable moments together while witnessing the unique talents of the students.

With the event, students gained stage experience, increased interest in Turkish music and culture, and felt the unifying power of art.

You can access the songs from the album by clicking on the link below.

From Today to Tradition Album

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