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Numosque and Masjids

Every student who is educated in NÛN Schools will be a fair and decent individual who is at peace with their religious and national values, who is not indifferent to world problems, and who has feelings of love, respect, and compassion in their heart. NÛN Schools students and employees comfortably practice the Islamic faith in the school facilities. There is a masjid in all the school buildings alongside the mosque on the Male Campus. NÛN Mosque, inside the NÛN Campus, is an atmosphere in which education and training continue, and lessons and activities are practically carried out. The mosque is to worship but also creates a different social area for our students.

Our school mosque, which is the reflection of the mosque-centered urban civilization that we have in our roots, is located in a place that can be called the center of the campus and is located at an important point in order to serve the development of our students. In NÛN Schools, the mosque is not only a place to worship it is a community place where we conduct social and cultural activities, celebrate the holy nights, perform tarawih prayers, and pray for auspicious graduation, but students also experience a material and spiritual excitement and reflect their feelings, at the same time they take responsibility by undertaking different tasks. NÛN Mosque also hosts social and scientific studies that will enable our students to carry the mission of the past to the future most correctly and beneficially.

In addition, it is supported to keep the values of the entire school community alive with mosques in the campus buildings that are open to all students, teachers, and employees.