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International Understanding

NÛN Schools are established in a geography where people from different ethnic backgrounds have lived gracefully together for centuries. Students experience the unity brought by our culture and maintain this atmosphere with the studies we carry out.

In a universalizing world, we make efforts to raise our students as real-world citizens by surrounding them not only with academic knowledge but also with universal understanding and an international perspective. In line with this vision, we raise individuals who understand different cultures, show respect, and are open to cooperation.

Our commitment to global education is reflected in our offering of internationally recognized programs such as IB (International Baccalaureate) and CIS (Council of International Schools), which provide our students receive an internationally recognized education and foster intercultural understanding.

Students develop into individuals who embrace innate goodness, intercultural understanding, and the benefits of global communities.

As of 2023, a total of 150 international students from 26 different countries are studying at NÛN Schools. Our school respects and values the diverse perspectives of its students, and it strives to raise individuals who are committed to social justice and the protection of human rights and who can empathize with different cultures to make the world peaceful and sustainable. Every year, NÛN Schools bring together students from around the world at an increasing rate each year, with a common goal of building a better generation.

Our schools actively implement studies at all levels to support our international students' learning of Turkish culture and language.

With the growing diverse family structure, NÛN Schools is working to improve the world by attaching importance to cultural diversity and international unity. NÛN Schools aim to educate individuals who believe in the importance of different perspectives and care about intercultural communication, offer an education model suitable for this purpose to their students. The international students receive Turkish and English differentiation studies within the curriculum for better education in the education model. Our International Student Office helps our international students during school adaptation to complete the adjustment process successfully. The office conducts studies to solve and prevent the academic and social negativities that our students might experience.

In the school activities, we open an atmosphere where our international students can experience and exhibit their traditions and customs. These events are organized in such a way as to motivate international students to reflect positively on their courses, and all our students and teachers can participate. Thus, our international students quickly adapt to the school environment and focus better on the lessons. Additionally, through workshops, club activities, and events held with the participation of our international families, they get the opportunity to get to know Turkish culture more closely, spend time together, and socialize together.