Guidance and Counseling Services

• NUN Schools are based on the developmental guidance model that considers the cognitive, emotional, spiritual and social development of each student and identifies an appropriate approach in the light of the personal needs.
• In the light of this approach, individual interviews and group activities are carried out according to age group and development characteristics for each student to develop self-recognition, acceptance, problem solving, social relations, adaptation, skills and discover their interests and abilities, express their feelings and thoughts accurately as spiritually resistant and sensitive individuals.
• In individual interviews and studies, important points about character traits are explored and the approach to each student is determined accordingly.
• Group activities consists of supporting activities for IB MYP units with themes of emotion regulation, thinking skills and behaviour management every two weeks and are carried out with the participation of whole class. With this group studies, it is aimed that our students will be able to identify areas where they experience problems especially by means of various techniques and make a concentrated study on these areas.
• NUN Psychological Counselling and Guidance Unit aims to ensure that each student develops as a unique individual and to be able to support the development of each student who is included in the system with his/her problem and success.
• The guidance counsellors aim to have individual meetings with parents at least once in each term to discuss what they have noticed and witnessed in the progress of our students and observe whether parents follow up the advises of the unit for the development of their children.
• In addition to parents meetings to provide information about the development of our students, this process is also supported by activities for parents, seminars and individual counselling. With the original perspective we have, the guidance unit is the backbone and an important complement to the school work.
• NUN School guidance unit is composed of eight people, namely Zehra İlgen Şeker, PCG (Psychological Counselling and Guidance) Unit Coordinator, Betül Aygül, PCG specialist at the level of kindergarten, Bilgen Sağ and Elif Yılmazörnek, PCG specialists in charge of primary school, Meryem Söğüt, PCG specialist in charge of girls’ Secondary School, Şerif Ali Batmaz, PCG specialist in charge of boys’ Secondary School, Elif Girgin, PCG specialist for girls’ high school and Gökhan Ergür, PCG specialist boys' high school.

Counselling Activities Conducted at Our School are divided into four main groups as follows:

Activities for Students:

• Orientation/Adaptation Practices

• Student Recognition Studies

• Problem Oriented Counselling/Crisis Intervention Practices

• Investment based Supportive Counselling/Guidance in the light of personal interests and talents

• Sand Therapy Sessions

• Group Guidance Lessons

Activities for Parents:

• Parent Recognition Practices

• Individual Counselling Support

• Social Activities

Activities for Teachers:

• Professional and Personal Development Trainings/NUN Teacher Academy

• Individual Consulting Service

• Motivational Studies

Activities for the Staff:

• Trainings to Create a Corporate Culture

• Individual Counselling Support