We see education as a long-term well-being effort, as well as the process of raising competent and well-equipped characters. To this end, we offer students the opportunity to learn by experiencing in our workshops, laboratories and simulation areas.

At Thinking Skills Workshop, we aim at raising the knowledge and skills that require mathematical thinking such as abstract thinking, problem solving with method of reaching from whole to part or from part to the whole, multidimensional thinking to make plans, logical inference and three-dimensional vision. With activities such as origami, tangram, illusion games and three-dimensional images, we develop our students' ability to look at events from different perspectives.                        

At our Mechatronics Workshop, we help our students develop their ability to design, transfer two-dimensional abstract world to three-dimensional concrete world. During the workshop activities, they both have fun and gain a sense of teamwork while developing their mental productions.             

At Kitchen Workshop, our students gain the skills of hygiene, food safety, table manners, proper nutrition and basic meal preparation that they will need throughout their lives.                 

At Music Workshop, we help our students strengthen their ability to recognize music and develop rhythm and melody. We raise children who can express their feelings and thoughts by using notes as well as letters and numbers. Thus, we contribute to the processes of self-expression, hearing, perception, concentration, cooperation and being a part of the whole.                        

We attach a great importance to raising our students as individuals who are free of uniformity and can express their feelings and thoughts about in colours or who can depict their inner worlds. At our Visual Arts Workshop, our students have the opportunity to expose their artistic and aesthetic potentials under the supervision of our expert teachers.                        

At our Design Workshop, we enable our students to discover their talents by using paper, fabric and wood and to produce their own designs. During the workshop activities, students have opportunity to become familiar with various tools and develop their ability to use them.                        

At our Clay Ceramics Workshop, our students find an opportunity experience all the phases of an artistic work from painting and drying to exhibiting while freely shaping clay to reflect their imagination.