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Value - Based Education

The moment of creation bestowed upon human beings the responsibility to first understand themselves and then comprehend the universe. They need to relate to other people on their journey of discovering life. What is incumbent upon them is to succeed in being "good people". Many virtues and characteristics that constitute the essence of being a human guide our decisions by directing our feelings, behaviors, and thoughts; they have a say in our beliefs and mental structure. For those who strive to be a “good person”, having these characteristics also brings over a set of values. 

As NÛN Schools, we share our basic values, being in the first place, and the humanitarian values of love, respect, justice, compassion, decency, and responsibility, with our students as a life skill that can be applied to everyday life in addition to the theoretical knowledge they have acquired on the blessed journey that we have set out to raise good people and prepare them for life in this way. Our academic staff designs lesson plans, curricula, educational content, and social activities correlating interdisciplinary aspects to bring in the consciousness and desire to live under these values and the ability to interpret the universe from a holistic point of view to our students.

Alongside our core values, our students raise in an environment surrounded by moral and humanitarian values such as gratitude, patience, and contemplation, which we believe will make their lives meaningful and support their learning of religious sciences. The message of the Qur'an and its implementation in life are enforced by the education of manners and morality within the framework of religious knowledge and serve as a window to life in accordance with our purpose. We strive to keep our religious values alive by reflecting our beliefs into our behaviors. All members of the school community endeavor to keep our religious values alive, not only in the classroom but at every part of the school. 

The "Learner Profile" of "inquiring, knowledgeable, thinker, communicator, principled, open-minded, caring, risk-taker, balanced and reflective (contemplative)", which is character education in the IB education system, makes it easy for us to put our values into practice in our approach to education. We are paving the way for our students to learn to manage their inherent curiosity about nature placing our ancient values into the center; to build a bridge between the past and the future, piers of which is the intercultural understanding and with the social events organized for different age groups to practice values in real life situations.

As NÛN Schools, we focus on keeping these ancient values alive rather than giving them through education. With our educational approach that we systematized with the concept of "decency", each graduate of our schools embraces our nation and all humanity with their local and national identities in the international arena, without being indifferent to the global issues and in their hearts and minds. We strive to raise individuals who intertwine love and compassion in their hearts, are equipped with justice around respect and manners, be aware of their responsibilities, and be role models.