NUN School Library, supportive of lessons, is open to use of students with its new and scientific publications for research and study. All grades have a library literacy class once a week. The use of library at class hours are decided according to a schedule set together with teachers at the beginning of the academic year. Library services are diversified with social activities like book fairs and author meet ups. NUN School Library strives to build a ‘library spirit’ in education. All classes actively use the library; for scientific project researches, class presentations and assignments. Publications needed for classes are provided by the library. NUN Library provides all published, visual-audio publications for teachers, students and staff. 


The reading hall is on the first level of our two-floor library and set up on 508,29 m²  space. Two 25 m² library offices, three 22 m² group study rooms and a 22 m² photocopy room exists on the first floor. The second floor’s reading hall is 300,54 m² wide. On the second floor there is a thematic rare books room, a geographic discovery room and a 37 m² Silent Room and a 35 m² Digital Library. There are two mobile smart boards to be used for classes held in library and presentations.