We have established holistic and alive campuses for our students; in nature, full of life. NUN School with its academic and administrative buildings, dorms, conference halls, library, indoor and outdoor gyms, student center, workshops and so many other facilities is equipped to support students in every way possible. As NUN family we aim to raise a productive society of life long learners. The campus was built with a functional and humanly outlook, set in nature supplied with the latest technological equipments, and the architecture carries trademarks of our civilization.  Embracing the notion that education cannot be reduced to academic knowledge, we have turned every corner of the campus into a learning and living spot. Built on the “experiential learning” principle, the campus was designed to develop both academic and social life skills of our students.

NUN School Campus classrooms, unlike traditional classrooms, were designed to facilitate various practices activities. This way teachers are able to reach needed material promptly and enable students to internalize knowledge and learn more effectively. We have characterized each classroom by naming them with scholar names who have contributed to scientific knowledge. A student will learn chemistry in Biruni classroom while delving into the world of  classical poetry in Fuzuli clasroom and will discover the world geography in Kâtip Çelebi classroom. Science classrooms are equipped with the latest technologies for all qualified laboratories, in line with IB standards and norms. Our classroom-in-built labs aim to keep the curiosity and discovery enthusiasms of our students and teachers alive.